Crux of long-distance relationships: intra-group cross-border transactions | Events -

Crux of long-distance relationships: intra-group cross-border transactions

∙ The main sources of tax risks in intragroup transactions: how to eliminate them?
∙ The concept of actual recipient of income: How to properly apply international agreements in 2021?
∙ How can the actual recipient justify his right to income?
∙ Foreign exchange controls: What are the basic requirements for cross-border transactions?
∙ CEO liability
Timur Nurmukhametdinov, Senior Consultant, Tax Consulting and Audit; Konstantin Shalimov, Senior Consultant, Tax Consulting and Audit; Alfiya Mukhamatyanova, Director, Legal Practice
June 9, 2021
Bellerage office (11, Schipok street, bldg. 1)
Attendance fee
Free of charge
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