Fines for employers to reach 350-500 kRUB for violations related to military service | News -

Fines for employers to reach 350-500 kRUB for violations related to military service

The last days of July brought significant changes in the rules of registering men enlisted for military service and related book-keeping. Fines for legal entities, officials and citizens were increased manifoldly. The law comes into effect on October 1, 2023, when the autumn draft starts.

The updated fines now start from 350,000 rubles for any violation: submitting incorrect information for military registration purposes, failure to notify employees that military commissariat calls them (also for mobilization), failure to ensure they appear at the places of assembly, etc. Please note that from January 1, 2024, military conscription is expanded to men aged 18-30 years, and introduction of e-drafts to service has been announced.

Information about the employer will become completely transparent for the Ministry of Defense, as personal data of the citizens will be collected also from the Federal Tax Service, the civilian registry office (ZAGS) and other authorities. This means that the requirements to maintaining military records will have to be strictly observed.

Tracking changes in this sensitive area is becoming increasingly difficult. Delegating your military records to an outsourcing provider will reduce the workload in HR and mitigate financial risks for the company.

Bellerage experts will ensure your military booking keeping is compliant with the latest regulation.
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